To create a wiki page, you will go to

Log in (upper right hand corner) with the user name wikiuser0002

Password is pig5peach

Hit "create a page," and name it the title of your book plus your first name.

Here is what you will write. (Hint: You might want to copy and paste this into the wiki and just add your information.)

The book . . . by . . . is about . . . and I recommend it.

The story begins. . .

Then. . .

In the end. . .

I liked the book for two reason.


This book is like. . .

For these reasons, I would recommend reading. . . by . . .

Be sure to hit "save" before finishing.

(To get an A, you will need to include one picture and a link to something the book is like.)

Here is a good sample.
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